Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing offers huge opportunities for businesses to reach out to their target audience in the most cost-effective way. The conventional print and broadcast media used by brands are getting obsolete while the popularity of digital media is soaring and is expected to reach higher volumes exponentially. That’s exactly why brands today should be focusing more on the digital and social media for marketing and communicating better with their target audience. That said, brands should be omnipresent!

Devising the right digital strategy for a brand is a meticulous task and this can be achieved only when the strategist has ample knowledge in branding and is thorough with the various digital marketing techniques that are evolving. At ImpactUs Academy, we understand this precisely and hence, have structured our Digital Marketing Courses in Kochi, Kerala such that the branding pain-points are addressed using the right digital and conventional media as appropriate.

Branding for Digital Media

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Google AdWords

Google Webmaster

Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking

Social Media Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Content Marketing

Landing Page Optimization

Email Marketing

Visual Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Personal Branding

With our 2 months’ course on Digital Branding you will learn:
  • How brands can leverage digital media to optimize their marketing budget and efforts
  • The nuances of various options available on different digital media platforms and how it helps different verticals of businesses
  • How to assess your brand’s competitors’ digital strategy
  • How to make the most of creative and multimedia content to reach out to your target audience
  • How to help the brand funnel the target audience to generate and convert leads
  • How to retain customers and turn them loyal
  • How to turn your customers into influencers
  • How you can ensure the brand’s presence wherever it matters to help them be omnipresent
  • Where to advertise and where to stay organic
  • The best tools that can help you build a brand digitally
You will be creating your own website and content, optimizing it for the various digital media and building the brand afresh. That’s practical experience worth a long and happening career in Digital Branding.