SEO & Content Marketing

Every brand wants to do Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The idea behind SEO is to get better visibility when people search for a product or information online using search engines. SEO Training in Cochin will help to identify the relevant and ranking keywords for a product or service and optimizing the content using these keywords. Keywords are what people search for on Google or other search engines for information. When a website has ample content written using these keywords, it ranks better in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs, bringing it on the first pages of the search results. The SEO battle is always to rank better and reach the first page of SERP.

At ImpactUs Academy, we offer the best SEO training in Kerala to help you with the right tools for web analytics, keyword planning and SEO. We train you to identify how to get the right keywords for a domain and also on how you can strategize your SEO, including directory listing and content strategy. Our course comprises of Local, Mobile and Social Media SEO to make sure that your brand will gain the most visibility among the target audience. We also train on the top tools used for Web Analytics, SEO, Content strategy and Search engine optimization

Get SEO Certification
Here’s an awesome opportunity to make the most of our course and get SEO certified.
Our Digital Branding course covers the following topics:

SEO Fundamentals


Link Building

Website Optimization

Content Marketing

Local & Mobile SEO

Analytics & Audit

Algorithm Updates


Our integrated course helps you build your own website, optimize it for the search engines and keywords and helps you rank it on the first couple of pages to gain better visibility. That’s a practical approach which will help you work on brands bringing them to the top SERP ranking more confidently. Ours is the most comprehensive SEO course in Kochi offering practical hands-on SEO training apart from covering in-depth theoretical knowledge. We train you on everything a digital marketer should know to function independently and to lead a team to ensure maximum benefit for the brands they deal with.