Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a fad and offers amazing opportunities for brands across industries. The brands look forward to a strong and effective social media strategy that would catapult their identity. They want the social media to drive more brand familiarity, web traffic, leads and conversions. Using the multitude of social media in the most optimized way requires in-depth knowledge of the possibilities they offer to brands. Each network has its own set of audiences, ways of interaction, capabilities to attract and generate leads for different industries and domains. ImpactUs Academy’s Comprehensive Course on Digital Branding covers every aspect of popular social media, ensuring the most comprehensive hands-on social media marketing training in Cochin

We cover the following social media networks in our course:







Paid Advertising

Social Media Optimization

Community Building

User-generated Content

Reputation Management

Social Media audit and Reporting

As an integral part of our course, we will train you how to create and manage social media profiles and pages on the various networks. Your own website will be linked to your pages which will then be used to get hands-on experience on social media marketing. We will train you on Social Media Optimization, organic posts for brand familiarity and engagement, paid advertisements for lead generation and vaster audience outreach, creating and managing events, communities, and reputation management. Ours is the only social media marketing institute in Kerala assuring live hands-on training considering the brand’s requirements. We help you with insights to identify the brand’s possibilities in particular social media. Since brands should be omnipresent, it is important for them to create a strong presence on all social media which will help them gain better SEO rank as well as better visibility.

At ImpactUs Academy, you will learn how to sync various online and offline marketing methodologies to devise an effective social media strategy. We suggest the best tools available in the market which can be used to make the brand’s social media strategy stand out. That’s exactly what the brands look for from the digital branding expert and our training will ensure that you definitely know what has to be done.